Monday, 13 September 2010

Our View V God’s View

A while ago I wrote an article in the local newspaper in which I said that the important question wasn't just whether we believe in God, but whether we know that He believes in us. As a result of that article I received a letter from a lady who wrote the following:

"I was reading the advertiser newspaper, and came across the piece you had written. I found myself reading the last section over and over again, 'Do you know that God believes in you.' I too thought that if there is a God, he wouldn't want anything to do with me. I'm far from perfect and have made lots of mistakes, still do, nothing bad just normal stuff. For some reason I realised I kept on reading this section over and over, it was a lovely feeling and I thought perhaps you don't have to be perfect. I've cut the piece out of the paper so I can read it from time to time."

This lady is not alone in feeling that if there is a God, He would find it difficult to love someone like her, I believe many people feel the same way. The two great Christian commandments are to love God, and to love our neighbours as ourselves, and yet I think very often we really struggle to even love ourselves, because there can be so many things we don't like about ourselves. Many people go around believing that that they're not good enough, that they're useless, a waste of space, unlovable, worthless, stupid fat, ugly, etc. And very often, because we feel this way about ourselves, we think that this is how God must also feel about us. But this is not true.

God knows exactly what we're like, he knows the good things about us, as well as the not so good things. But when He looks at us this is what He sees:

We are God's child, we belong to God, we are His family

  • We are loved
  • We are God's masterpiece
  • We are Significant
  • We are Holy
  • We are Beautiful
  • We are Forgiven
  • We are Unique
  • We are Accepted
  • We are Free

The choice we face is do we believe these things that God says about us, or the lies that we often believe to be true?

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