Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Give me a good digestion

Judith and I have recently returned from a holiday visiting National Trust properties in Devon and Cornwall. One of the places was Antony where Alice in Wonderland was filmed. Inside the house we found this prayer which has been used by the family over generations and which I would like to share with you as it is still relevant today.

            Give me a good digestion, Lord
            and also something to digest
            Give me a healthy body, Lord
            with sense to keep it at its best
            Give me a healthy mind, O Lord
            to keep the good and pure in sight
            which seeing wrong is not appalled
            but finds a way to set it right.

            Give me a mind that is not bored
            that does not whimper, whine or sigh.
            Don't let me worry overmuch
            about that fussy thing called “I”.
            Give me a sense of humour, Lord,
            Give me the grace to see a joke,
            to get some happiness from life
            and pass it on to other folk.

Liz Dunthorne

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