Wednesday, 3 July 2013

House Blessing & Wedding Blessing

I'm occasionally asked to conduct house blessings, which normally involves me praying around the house with the owners.  If I'm lucky a cup of tea is usually offered!  So when Revd Viji said we were going to a house blessing in Klang I assumed it would be similar to house blessings in the UK, but I was wrong.  

When people move into a new house they will often ask for the local minister to come and bless it, and it becomes an opportunity for a big celebration.  At the house blessing I attended, the house was packed with friends, neighbours and church people.  We started with half an hour of informal worship, and then Viji gave a short sermon on the theme of God's blessing.  We then proceeded to go around the various rooms of the house and bless them (like I would normally do).  Because this is Malaysia, after the blessing was over, a large Indian meal was provided for the guests.

Tonight I attended a wedding blessing for a bride who is getting married on Saturday in Kuala Lumpa.  It is traditional - particularly amongst the Indian Christians in Malaysia, for the bride and groom to have a service of blessing in their respective homes before the actual wedding.  

Again I assumed this would be a small affair, but the house was filled with relatives, neighbours and church members.  We began with a time of worship, and then Viji gave a sermon (lasting approximately 20 minutes) on the theme of marriage, and setting our eyes of God.  After this people were invited to gather around the bride to be, and to pray for her.  Once this was over, we were invited once again to share in a wonderful Asian meal, which outside caterers had been brought in to specially cater for.  

I found it a very moving ceremony - the groom was doing something similar at his home, and the sense of placing God at the centre of the forth coming marriage came across very strongly.  

Sadly I'm not going to be around for the wedding, but I'm told they have 1000 guests attending - which is apparently quite normal for Asian weddings!

Sadly I didn't take my camera to these blessings, so I can't show you any photos.

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