Thursday, 22 May 2014

Prayer for Thursday 22nd May

Today from our church family we pray for Susan Keys-Statham

Tonight is the first meeting of our newly elected Church Council.  Loving Lord, we give thanks for those who have volunteered to serve St Martins in this way. We pray for them all: those who have been re-elected and those new since the Annual Meeting. May the discussion and decisions they make on our behalf be guided by your will, and inspire them with vision for the future of our church. If sometimes they find it hard to agree, support them with your love as they strive to resolve issues. 

“Grant us, this day, O God, clear sight to see the way we ought to take, and courage and perseverance to follow it to the end. Give us humility to ask what is your will for us, and give us trust and obedience to say, your will be done: through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (William Barclay)    
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer 

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