Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Prayer for Tuesday 10th June 2014

Today, from our church family, we pray for Brenda Moore.

There is a Clergy Chapter Meeting at St. Thomas’, Aldridge today. This involves all sixteen of the parishes in the Walsall Deanery. At the Deanery Synod Meeting David Diaram will be speaking about the Walsall Community Chaplaincy project. This will focus on the work done in Walsall among ex-offenders. We pray for David as he delivers this seminar and we pray that the gathered clergy find it useful and informative. Within the Synod meeting, elections will also be taking place for a Lay Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and for members of the Standing and Pastoral Committee. This is going to be a busy and pressured day, so we pray that all the necessary business is completed successfully and as smoothly as possible. Lord, we thank you for our hard working clergy and we ask you to protect them from stress and emotional exhaustion as they carry out their demanding vocations.
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

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