Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Signs & Signals

Have you ever been in a vehicle following a driver who is trying to find a particular location? It is quite obvious to those following that the driver is looking for something as they can be seen repeatedly looking to the right and the left, speeding up and slowing down in an attempt to find a sign which they can recognise. What they don’t do is stop and ask for help, they seem to be oblivious to anyone else on the road and even seem unable to hear sirens or flashing blue lights. Their whole concentration is on finding their destination totally unaware of the frustration of other road users. Then, to everyone’s relief, they find what they are looking for and turn off the road.

Some Christians are like the lost driver. They are continually seeking answers to their own questions of faith but fail to ask for help from people who can help them in their quest for answers. Do we as Christians see this happening and find ourselves unable or unwilling to offer our help?

Some Christians are supremely confident in their own faith and do not see why anyone else should not have the same understanding. They do not see the need to help others and send out the signals and signs to keep other people away.

At St. Martin’s we pride ourselves on our friendliness and our welcoming attitude but is this how people from outside the church see us?  If we are to continue to try to grow God’s Kingdom we must put ourselves out to help others come to true faith in Christ. For, as it says in James 2:17-
“Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

Next week, at St. Martin’s, the Cluster is holding a Confirmation service. Take some time to think of the signs and signals we, as practising Christians give out, and how we are going to help and support our new brothers and sisters in Christ?

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