Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I'm Going On The Mission Field

A brilliant, very thought provoking and challenging poem written by E. King, challenging Christians about Mission

I'm going into the mission field
The Lord has told me so
The Bible's packed, the passport's out
When God says "Go" I'll go!

In dreams I see the strong, brave me
Hacking through the green
Preaching gospel to the tribes
Where no white man has been

I'm going into the mission field
I’m ready for the fight, and
I would be now in fervent prayer
If I had slept last night

If I could thump that lousy drunk
From number twenty three!
Someone should sort him out
Disturbing decent folk like me!

I'm going into the mission field
It's perilous, I know, but
We are God's soldier's after all
Where he says: "Go" I'll go!

Oh no, that scruffy tramp again
Loitering outside
They say he's on drugs, you know
I think I'd better hide

You're not safe anywhere these days
This town is getting grim
If he dabbles with my dahlias
I'll set the dog on him!

I'm going into the mission field
Sailing distant shores
With tracts and hymns and Bible things
With good news for the poor

Will it be Africa or Spain                              
The tropics need some prayer                                     
I'll claim Hawaii for the Lord                               
I feel they need me there                                        

Oh the joy of serving God
Of setting people free
This drunken, dirty, drugged up town
Has seen the last of me

You should have seen the mess last week
The rubbish down the street
Beer cans and chewing gum
Sticking to my feet

And all those awful lager louts
Why do they let them out
This place is going off, I think
Someone should sort it out

I'm going into the mission field
The Lord has told me so
I'm going where the need is, and
When God says: "Go", I'll go!

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