Tuesday, 30 October 2012


St. Martin’s Ministry team has recently been discussing prayer and thinking about ways in which we can all become more prayerful. Prayer is talking to God but it is also listening to God. We all find it easy to pray when things are very bad-indeed prayer then seems the most natural way of asking for help. But do you sometimes feel guilty that you don’t pray enough or that you pray in the wrong way or that your prayers for someone very ill do not seem to be

Try talking to God as if He were sitting next to you. He really is. Try talking to Him as if He is your best friend. He really is. Try talking to Him as if everything depends on Him. It really does.

Sometimes the answer to our prayer seems to happen overnight. Sometimes, years later we are still waiting.  Sometimes things go so badly wrong that we cannot see God anywhere. Sometimes we simply do not understand.

I believe our prayers are always answered. Often not right away, and often not at all in the way we expect, but God loves us enough to give us what we need not what we want. I don’t think we need to understand His ways in order to pray.

Prayer is opening a door in order to let God into our lives. Please try opening that door for yourself and for our church here at St. Martin’s. Let’s see what can happen if we trust God enough and really try to listen to His voice. 

God Bless


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