Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Arrival in Klang


After fourteen hours in the air, and a flight that took me via Dubai, I have finally arrived in Klang, Malaysia, and the home of the Revd Vijendra Daniel and his family, who have kindly opened up their home to me, and made me feel very welcome.  They have also introduced me to Durian, a Malaysian fruit which has a very distinctive smell and taste, it is definitely an acquired taste!

My initial impression of Malaysia is that it is a very developed country, it's also a very hot (thank goodness for air conditioning), and also a very multicultural country.  Yards from the house where I am staying you have several Christian churches, a mosque whose call to prayer can be heard over the town, a Sikh temple and a Hindu temple.

The other thing that strikes me about Malaysia is that it is a country where people take faith and belief a lot more seriously  than they do in the UK.  Whereas the UK could be described as a post Christian, or secular country, here in South East Asia belief in God is widespread, and that people take their faith seriously.

I spoke to one lady tonight, Linda, a relative of Revd Viji, who drives one hour each week to attend the women's Bible Study Fellowship, which has 200 members, the men apparently have their own group that meets separately.  Linda told me that children and teenagers also regularly attend these Bible Study groups.  There is an even larger BSF that meets in Kuala Lumpa.  It's attended by Christians from different backgrounds and denominations.    

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