Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Migrant Ministry Klang

Today I visited Migrant Ministry Klang.  There are around two million officially registered migrants living in Malaysia, with maybe as many as three million unregistered migrants.   MMK was started in 2002 in Klang, with the aim of bringing the gospel to these migrants, but they have also started to reach out to refugees and others in need.  

Andrew Ng Teong Siew of MMK Malaysia, and Revd Vijendra Daniel

I had the opportunity to meet Andrew Ng Teong Siew, who has a real vision to see others come to know Christ.  

On the MMK website they state: 

MMK’s main purpose is to reach out to the people that God has placed at our doorsteps. We do this through various means and methods – conducting regular weekly services in each ethnic group, conducting evangelistic meetings, providing medical services, running refugee schools, holding group camps, and most recently, setting up a cottage industry to fund the needs of refugees.

Through the preaching ministry, MMK has witnessed hundreds of baptisms yearly, along with an even higher number of decisions made for Christ. The weekly Sunday Services have itself spawned to having multiple services within the week at various locations across Klang Valley.

We believe not just in conversions of souls, but also the development and discipling of future full-time workers and Christian leaders. We have started a fund to help potential candidates to pursue their calling into full time ministry.

I also met the Revd Kelvin Choi from Korea, who is working in Melaka, and is keen to see the churches serving the migrant communities there.  The work of MMK is expanding, as they see to reach more of the migrant community in Malaysia, and encourage more churches to become involved in serving migrant communities, such as they do at St Barnabas Church in Klang, where people from Myanmar meet for worship and fellowship.

For more information about MMK Malaysia please visit their Facebook page HERE.

In the afternoon I visited the Wesley Methodist School in Klang, where Revd Viji runs a Bible club for students.  90% of the students who attend this school come from non Christian households, and so it was great to see the a lively and friendly bunch of teenagers engaging creatively with studying the Bible.

In the evening we popped in to listen to the Tamil worship and Bible study service which is held in St Barnabas every Wednesday evening, and then we visited the St Barnabas Home.  This is a project launched by the church in 1997 to provide a home for children made orphans by the death of one or both of their parents, or who have been abused or abandoned, or whose parents can't care for them.  There are around 22 children living in the home at present, which is situated behind the church, and there is a school linked to the home.   Viji visits this home every Wednesday evening to talk to the children, and tell them a short Bible story, with a simple message that they can take away.  Tonight the story was Daniel and the lion's den, with the message 'Always Trust God'.

Although the facilities at the home looked rather basic, the children looked happy and were well looked after, although it's heart breaking to think of the hardships these children must have experienced in life.  As we left the home many of the children asked to receive a blessing, which was very touching to witness.

For more information about the home visit St Barnabas' web page HERE.  There is also an interesting blog about the home, with some photos HERE.

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  1. Hi simon, so pleased you are getting such great experiences over there. As I read your blog I could be back in Uganda experiencing the extremes of wealth/poverty abandoned children but also their stength of faith and always a smile despite the adversities they are going through. I know you will be moved and changed by all you see over there. Every blessing Carole