Friday, 21 June 2013

Five Habits of Life Changing Groups

Last night I attended one of St Barnabas' cell groups, which was looking at what makes a good cell group, based on the course 'Making Your Small Group Work'.  

Five habits that create a grace-filled, truth telling group were mentioned:


  • Being 'for' each other
  • Encouraging each other
  • Coming alongside one another
  • Having a 'come as you are' culture
  • Feeling safe enough to be yourself
  • Accepting each other unconditionally
  • Being 'real' with each other
  • Taking relational risks with one another
  • Hebrew 10:24 - spurring one another one
  • Pushing each other to take growth steps
  • Naming areas where growth needs to happen
  • Providing resources others may need
  • Can be practical: helping move, offering child care, etc.
  • It's also about asking for help when it's needed
It was a privilege to be able to attend this group, and to share in the discussions, and to enjoy the fantastic meal at the end of the session!

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