Thursday, 30 January 2014

Responsibility Assembly

School assembly for Junior School children based on the theme of 'Responsibility'.  The Bible story is a retelling of the Parable of the Talents Matthew 25:14-30

Props: 15 Chocolate coins or monopoly money, brief case, sealed envelope containing sheet with 'Trust - The Key To Responsibility, are you someone people can trust?' written on it.

  • Start assembly by introducing theme
  • Ask for a responsible pupil to hold the sealed envelope during the assembly
  • Ask for four volunteers to act out the the story of the Parable of the Talents:

There was a successful businesswoman (change depending on gender of child), who one day announced to her employees that she was going away on business, and would be away for a long time.

She told them that whilst they were away, she wanted her employees to look after the business until she returned.

To each person  she gave money, depending on their ability.

To one she gave 5 bags of gold coins, to another 2 bags, and to the final person 1 bag of gold.

As soon as the businesswoman went away, the person with five bags of gold thought about how he could put the money to work.  “I know!” he said, “I’ll start a Rent a Camel business.  People are always looking to rent camels.” So that is what he did, using the money that had been entrusted to him he started a rent a camel business.

To the person who had had been given two bags of gold coins, he thought, and thought, and scratched his head, until finally he said “I’ve got it!  I love painting, so why don’t I use this money and produce some paintings and sell them.”  So that is what he did.  He went to the market, brought himself a canvas, paint brushes and paints, and started painting beautiful pictures, which he sold to his friends and his family.

The third person, who had been given one bag of gold, thought long and hard about what he could do with the money.  He thought about all the ways he could put it to good use, but then he thought to himself, “That’s a lot of work, and what if my plans don’t work out, and I lose the money my boss has given me to look after.  I know what I’ll do, I’ll go and bury the money, that way the money will be safe.”  So that is what he did, he went out and dug a hole, and put the money in it.

After many months, the businesswoman came back from her trip and called her three employees, and said to them, “What did you do with my money whilst I have been away.”

The first man said “You gave me 5 bags of gold, and with this money I set a rent a camel business. Look here is the 5 bags of gold you gave me, plus 5 more which I have made.”

The businesswoman was delighted, and gave the man a big hug, and slapped him on the back, “Well done!” she said.

The second man said “I love painting, so with the gold you gave me, I produced paintings which I have sold to my family and friends.  Look here is the two bags of gold you gave me, plus two more.” 

“Well done!” said the businesswoman, with a big smile on her face.

Then came the third man, he said, “I gave a lot of thought about what to do with the money you gave me.  But then I decided that the best thing for me to do was keep your money safe, so I buried it.  You gave me one bag of gold, and look here it is, count it, it’s all there… sorry it’s a bit dirty.” 

The businesswoman’s face dropped, and she was angry.  “Why did you not do anything with this money I gave you?   You knew I wanted you to invest it, but instead you are a lazy and good for nothing employee.  You could not even be bothered to put it in the bank, where at least it would have earned some interest.”

Then she said to this man "You will never work for me again", and she had him thrown outside. But she promoted his two other employees, and gave them both a pay rise, because she knew she could trust them to always do their best.      

  • In this story who were the responsible people?
  • Who was the irresponsible person?  Why were they irresponsible?
  • What are some of the responsibilities you have? (At home/School elsewhere)
  • What is the key to responsibility?  Invite responses (hopefully someone will say 'Trust'), then ask the pupil with responsibility of looking after the envelope to open it and show what is inside (the piece of paper with 'Trust - The Key To Responsibility, are you someone people can trust?' written on it).
  • If we want to be given responsibilities, we need to be people that others can trust.  

Let’s think about all the responsibilities we have at school, at home and in other places.  And let’s ask God to help us to fulfil our responsibilities and not to let people down, even if that is sometimes hard.   

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