Monday, 20 January 2014

The Power of Prayer

A few months ago I read this inspiring true story in my Scripture Union notes: Peter Wynn was a dysfunctional, hard-nosed gangster who had had a chaotic early life and soon became involved with gangs and drug culture on the streets of Liverpool.  His life descended into a spiral of violence until he was eventually found guilty of murder and sentenced to 14 years in prison.  It was at this point that a woman started writing to him saying things like, “I believe that you are not the person that they say you are, but that you are a man of God.”

At first he binned the letters after reading them, thinking she was mad.  But she didn’t give up but kept on writing to him telling him to pray and to join the Alpha course being run in the prison.  Eventually, Peter did start praying and he did join the Alpha group.  Over the coming months Peter’s life changed.  The pastor running the Alpha group had a dream about him and told Peter he was going to tell people about God and how his life had been transformed.

Peter became a new man, growing in faith and determined to make the best use of his remaining time in prison. He started training as a chef which would become vital to his future vision after he was released in 2009.

Peter now works as a volunteer alongside SU staff in juvenile prisons and schools running RE days and assemblies with the focus on crime, punishment and restorative justice. He is developing a project called ‘Masterchef’, where he teaches the most chaotic, truculent and disruptive pupils how to cook a meal from scratch. While doing so he tells them his background and is able to connect with them. Peter says, “While I’m doing it, they get to hear my story and maybe get a bit of hope.  I’m planting seeds – it’s great to work with them and tell them what the Lord can do in their lives.”

What an amazing story which all began with one woman’s faithful prayer and determination.

God bless, Jackie

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