Friday, 7 September 2012

Should Faith Be Private?

Nadia Ewedia - fighting for the right to wear the cross at work

It always irritates me when people say faith should be a purely private thing.  Yet that is what has happened, government lawyers in Britain have said Christians should leave their religious beliefs at home or accept that a personal expression of faith at work, such as wearing a cross, means they might have to resign and get another job.  (To read the article in the Daily Telegraph please click HERE)

If as a Christian I am serious about my faith, then it cannot be a purely private matter.  My faith should affect every single aspect of my life, my relationships, my values, my attitudes, how I conduct my business, how I use my time and money, etc, therefore it becomes a very public thing.  I love this letter which was published today in the Daily Telegraph - it's very tongue in cheek, but actually makes the point extremely well.

SIR – Government lawyers suggest I leave my Christian beliefs at home, and as an obedient Civil Servant, my plan is clear.
By lunchtime I hope to have submitted a couple of fraudulent travel claims, started some malicious gossip and used obscene language with anyone who crosses me.
Pausing only to eat someone else’s lunch, the afternoon will be spent pursuing my good-looking women colleagues, doing only work that directly furthers my career, driven by envy of my seniors, who may meet untimely ends by home time.
I trust, when I meet these lawyers, they will want to imprison me only during my working hours.
Richard Ford
Louveciennes, Yvelines, France

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