Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Stop Attending Church

I'm a big fan of Jeff Lucas, and use his 'Life Every Day' Bible reading notes.  The following short article is taken from his notes from 1st September 2012, which I thought was particularly thought provoking & challenging.

Stop attending church.  Sounds like heresy, doesn't it?  Stop attending church.  I haven't joined the ranks of those who say being part of a church doesn't matter - on the contrary.  Three decades after becoming a Christian, I am more convinced than ever that we only fulfil God's purposes for our lives as we do so together.

But there is a problem, especially in our consumer culture: we can be tempted to attend church rather than be joined to it as committed, functioning members of the Body of Christ.  We become spectators who turn up for the religious show rather than servants who work together.  We view church as something that exists for us, rather than as a dynamic beacon community created for mission.  And we don't stay long - someone offends us or the music is not to our taste, and we move on.  Never really connected, we are just casual consumers.

Let's ask ourselves - are we connected, or just attenders?  

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