Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Prayer for Wednesday 30 April

Today from our church family we pray for Jo Haddock

Merciful Father, we pray for the safety of the citizens of the Ukraine. We pray that Russia and the West will maintain dialogue to support the government of this country and not destabilise what is already a fragile situation. If the country ends up being divided we pray that it will be done peacefully and that the wishes of all its citizens are respected. Help us to learn from past conflicts so that we do not repeat actions that cause violence and loss of life.

Lord, help us to strive for peace, justice and tolerance throughout our world.  Guide us all to work together to end enmity between races, sects and creeds. 
“Grant, O God, unto all your people
Freedom from hatred and suspicion;
A desire to live together in peace;
A respect for the views of one another; 
A true regard for your holy Word;
And may your peace be with us all.”
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer 

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