Thursday, 6 February 2014

Prayer for Friday 7th February

The winter months are a real challenge for the Street Ministry teams as they battle the cold, the driving rain and the dark nights.  So imagine what it is like for the rough sleepers and homeless!  At the end of the night the volunteers go home; the rough sleepers and homeless have to endure whatever nature throws at them.  We pray for the Street Ministry teams, the Street Pastors, the Glebe and Hi’s ‘N Lows, all of whom try to support the most vulnerable people of our town.  We all know it is not enough, so Loving Lord, we turn to You for strength and vision.  Please show us the way forward.  Help us to understand what we can do to support the needy before they get to the point of homelessness.  We also pray for renewal in the churches of Walsall so that we will be on fire with the Holy Spirit and ready to respond to Your will.  May there be a fresh sense of unity among the various denominations and  a hope that many more will volunteer to join the Street Ministry and Street pastor teams.
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

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