Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Prayer for Tuesday 4 February

Large parts of the British Isles have been lashed and pummelled by storms of ferocious intensity, causing widespread damage and flooding to large swathes of land.  Compassionate Lord, we pray for all those who have suffered during the stormy weather.  We pray especially for all the brave fishermen and seafarers who have to endure harsh conditions at sea in order to earn a living.  Thank you for the work of the Mission to Seafarers which provides help and succour to all sailors in distress.  Simon spent some of his Sabbatical working at such a mission and understands fully the value of the work they do.  Thank you for the bravery of the lifeboat men, the coastguards, the firemen and the police who always respond to those in danger with such courage and fortitude.

“Dear Lord Jesus, who did not fear the sea, guard all fishermen and sea-going people.  If danger comes, help them to be calm and courageous, and be with the people who answer their call for help.  Give clear vision to coastguards and lighthouse keepers that they may quickly heed all calls from people in difficulty or danger.  Give courage and strength to the brave men who man the lifeboats in response to calls for rescue.  Help them to feel the power of your presence and calm the fears of relatives and friends of those in danger on the sea.”   (Nancy Martin) Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

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