Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Prayer For Wednesday 19th February 2014

Loving Father, we pray for our church of St Martin’s. We have made many changes over past years and continue to look forward towards ideas for the  future. When we face decisions help us to bring them to you in prayer and guide us to the way that is your will, and if we do not always agree with one another, may we do so with kindness and an awareness of your love for each one of us. Help us to find those in our congregation to support us with the challenges ahead as we look for a new churchwarden, members of our ministry team and children’s leaders.
“Grant to us, O God, the seeing eye, the hearing ear, the understanding mind and the loving heart, so that we may see your glory, and hear your word, and understand your truth, and answer to your love: through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Dr William Barclay) Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

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