Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Prayer for Wednesday 26th February

On this third day of Fairtrade week:
“We pray for all those who work in factories throughout the world, manufacturing the goods that we take for granted, from Indian sweatshops to hi-tech plants in this country. Where people face lives of pitiful wages and long working hours, we ask for their liberation, and pray for their health and safety.

We pray for all those who import and sell the products we buy, that they will have a sense of their responsibilities. We ask that you grant them courage to take a stand against exploitation, and the wisdom to pay producers the true value of their work.
Finally, we pray for ourselves, that we will learn to shop responsibly. Open us to the full impact of our purchases, to the people behind the products. Make us better stewards of creation and more loyal servants of your Kingdom, where the weak are made strong; the strong, just; and the just, compassionate.” (Fairtrade worship resource) Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

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